Amazingly Lightweight!

The MotorBunk weighs approximately 100 lbs.

It's Affordable!

It is the least expensive mobile sleeper on the market!

Sleeps Two!

Large enough to sleep two adults!

Go Anywhere!

The MotorBunk allows you to get up, go and STAY anywhere!

The MotorBunk

Introducing the MotorBunk, a bed in a box on a car. Its affordable, lightweight, colorful and cool. The MotorBunk is large enough for two adults to sleep comfortably.

Now you can go and stay anywhere adventure calls. It "pops up" in less than ten seconds and folds down just as fast to approximately 6 inches high when traveling. Whether you want to go tailgating, surfing, motor-crossing or whatever; the

MotorBunk will allow you to stay anywhere. Rest for a hour or stay over-night, the choice is yours. The MotorBunk instantly creates a private world of "just you and me" allowing you to define your space in nature.

The MotorBunk comes in multiple colors. Did we mention it's cool? Enough said, Bunk Out America! For more information go to

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